Humour Festival


The EMHU is a humor festival organized in A Coruña for the first time in May 2019 and which faces its II Edition in 2020. Its objective is to create a citizen and intergenerational cultural meeting with activities such as competitions and workshops for the little ones, exhibitions and colloquies for the elderly and live performances for all.

It will be held in the only city in the world with a square dedicated to humor, from May 2 to 10, close to the Galician Letters Week.


Where is it going to take place? The EMHU will permeate every corner of A Coruña, splashing its events through the different most representative enclaves of the city. The Colón Theater or the Coliseum will be some of the frames where the festival will be held, with performances for children and adults, live radio and a grand final gala with the delivery of the EMHU Awards.

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