The “Ley de Plomo” comes back to Playa Club

Brujería is an American death metal band formed by members of Latin origin in 1989. The project emerged spontaneously in an environment where all the bands sang in English and there was discrimination against Hispanic-American heavy metal. The founding members came from other renowned groups such as Fear Factory, Faith No More or Dead Kennedys. Its beginnings have been very hard, for almost all the members they had another main band, in addition the first album “Matando Güeros” has raised controversy due to the gore cover that contained a head separated from its body. Currently this head is the mascot of the band called “Coco Loco”.


We are pleased to announce the “Christmas” tour that Brujería gives us. They come this time with a mysterious formation that( as always), for the moment, has not been revealed. What is known is that his concerts are the ones to destroy.


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