Ara Malikian, “the incredible story of the violin”


Ara Malikian in the palace of the Opera


Ara Malikian’s Incredible Violin Tour is under way. The great violinist exhausts entries in all his concerts, and is that is not for less. The new tour of Ara Malikian is a demonstration once again of the inexhaustible talent of the Lebanese musician, who takes the songs to unsuspected limits to enjoy the public with unique shows.

Ara Malikian is an example of overcoming in many ways. On the one hand, his virtuosity with the violin is out of all consideration, expressing a delicacy and an ease to make strings vibrate out of the ordinary. On the other hand, his difficult childhood under the fire of Lebanon war largely explains the sensitivity of an unusually mediatic artist to the type of music he practices. His musical and human concern have led Ara Malikian to deepen his own Armenian roots and assimilate the music of other Middle Eastern cultures. Since 2000, he lives in Madrid.

The violinist of Spanish nationality but Lebanese ancestry was born in that country of Middle East in 1968. Inculcated by its father the passion by the violin, young Ara was perfecting its technique like valve of escape of the horrors warlike. At the age of 14, German conductor Hans Herbert-Jöris listened to him casually and facilitated his transfer to Germany. In 1995, after a long period of training as a professional, he released his first album, ‘Las cuatro estaciones’. The reception was remarkable and in just five years recorded six other albums.

Throughout his career, Ara Malikian has participated in different soundtracks, being especially valued by Pedro Almodóvar. In parallel, groups and artists such as Extremoduro or Huecco have also had their collaboration in different works.

If you want to enjoy live the songs of The Incredible Story of Violin, your new album, you can not miss this new date in A Coruña.


ZONE A – 40 €
ZONE B – € 36
ZONE C1 – 32 €
ZONE C2 – 28 €


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Palace of the Opera. The Palace of the Opera of Corunna is a building located in the Glorieta of America. Dubbed that way, it was the former congress palace. It is the home of the Galicia Symphony Orchestra. It is located next to the Park of Santa Margarita

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